Don't Blink...

I saw myself on TV the other night and wanted to share it with you! It's fast so pay attention...I'm right after the "art"section.

My 0.5 second of fame ;)



Birds of a Feather

To say goodbye to July and hello to August, J. Bird Studios and Songbird Cafe shared a booth at the Wyandotte County Fair. It was certainly the hottest week to be at an outdoor fair with a heat advisory of 105 degrees! The heat did affect the turnout but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Courtney and me.
I was selling handmade porcelain jewelry, coasters, and artwork. Songbird Cafe, owned by Courtney Wasson, was selling jams and jellies and had also created awesome party baskets.

Songbird Cafe is an artsy coffee shop located in the Fairfax District of Kansas City, KS. They have great coffee and tasty baked goods along with unique lunch specials made from scratch! For more information about Songbird Cafe visit http://www.songbirdcafe.blogspot.com/ .

Thank you to everyone that helped us and who came to visit our booth to show your support! It was greatly appreciated :)

* Doug and I clowning around...

* Rachel and I enjoying the festivities! Except for maybe the "Power Surge", a ride that defies gravity and my head...not recommended. Lovely Cari was with us but she's behind the camera.

Until next time... cheers, jori