A day in the studio.

So my schedule is packed with all sorts of wonderful things to get done... and I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to do what I love all the time.

Currently I am working on a table top for Grinders Resturant in the Crossroads. They will be rotating the tables periodically to showcase Kansas City artists and I am in the first round along with my dear friend, Holly Swangstu. After this round, the tables will be auctioned off.

This last week I finished a new mixed media piece (shown below) that was commissioned by fellow artist, Janay Andrews. She is a clothing designer here in Kansas City and is preparing to open a shop in Martini Corner. Check out her blog to view some of her beautiful designs http://www.moderngown.wordpress.com/ and her etsy account to purchase items!! http://www.abstractpretty.etsy.com/

Next up, I am preparing for my solo show in November. I figured out alot of stuff for it this weekend and I am so anxious to share with you....you'll have to check back to find out more ;)

Bye for now.