Almost Christmas...

Oh my! I certainly have been absent for a while since my show. It was a much needed break after long, hard days of work, sleeping in studio and eating Ramen. Now I have been getting plenty of rest and eating real food :)

Just two days til Christmas! I am in Atlanta with my family and thoroughly enjoying the company. I am anxious to get to work at studio. I have so many ideas floating around in my head and I am terrible at documenting them. So they eventually float away if I don't put them to use.

I started a new painting, a self portrait... I am a bit uneasy about venturing into this subject matter but every artist goes there eventually and I figure now is a better time than ever! I will post the finished piece as soon as it's done. I haven't decided if it will have tiles. I think I need to work on my painting skills...I want my paintings to be able to stand alone as successful pieces and then the tile work would just be an added bonus to make my work stand apart from others.

I also have been commissioned to tile a fireplace in Kansas City, KS. It is a freestanding fireplace that has a very retro feel to it...very cool! (similar to the one below) I will be tiling the wall behind it.

It should be finished near the end of January!

That's all for now...once I am back in the swing of things in studio I will post lots of pictures and keep you updated on all the happenings. FYI: we have a studio available for rent at J.Bird! Please let me know if you are interested or if you know anyone who may be. Thanks.

Happy Holidays,

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